Podcast: Maiden A-Z

An alphabetical journey through the discography of the mighty Iron Maiden, one song at a time!

Maiden A–Z Bonus Episode: Nights of the Dead

The brand new live album Nights of the Dead has been out for about a week. We felt we wouldn’t be doing our jobs properly if we didn’t record a bonus episode with some of our thoughts so far. We discuss the production, what we liked, a few things we didn’t like, and the tour…

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Maiden A–Z 1: 22 Acacia Avenue + 2 A.M.

On our maiden voyage (pun very much intended), we tackle two very different songs. First up from the 1982 album The Number of the Beast we have the song 22 Acacia Avenue. Second we have 2 A.M. from 1995’s The X Factor. We discuss being shocked by “dangerous” songs as kids, political correctness in metal…

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Maiden A–Z: The introduction of the Beast

Meet Jonatan and Erik! We are two huge Iron Maiden nerds who have taken it upon ourselves to go on a journey through the band’s entire discography. In alphabetical order. One song at a time! Neither one of us are what we would call Iron Maiden experts but both of us are seasoned podcasters, so…

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