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Episode 55 – Damn Yankees – Don’t Tread (Part 1)

Episode 55 is here! The wheel has been spun and it brings us a Supergroup! We have been assigned the 1992 album Dont Tread by the Damn Yankees! Is...

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Episode 99: Beats Workin’

This week Patreons Michael and Matt are back and we spin a reworked demo from 1976 that became the last track on A Different Kind Of Truth, “Beats Workin'”!...

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Maiden A-Z 134: Powerslave I – Re-opening of the Ancient Tomb

Back at it! We team up with Ben Webster to open this ancient tombs and discover mysteries of knowledge lost. Thanks to Erik Arkö for preforming and putting together...

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Episode 81: Outta Your Head

It's back to Just Push Play this week as we roll “Outta Your Head”! Catch our newest show “Back Tracks: Theme Music” where we take a dive deep into...

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Battle – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath vs Sabotage

Dan and Josh finally delve back into the world of Black Sabbath again. Welcoming Ryan back, the three of them debate two of the greatest Sabbath albums ever released;...

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Bonus Ep. Comin’ Home with Ry

A Mind With a Heart of Its Own

I do wonder whether the friend who’s treehouse he’s slept in is the same girl from the opening verse. There’s almost a Forrest and Jenny vibe to it if...

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Episode 65: I Will Survive from the film The Replacements

This week John picks a disco classic from a great football comedy, “I Will Survive” from the movie The Replacements starring Keanu Reeves! Make sure to give us a...

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Episode 54 – The Doors – Strange Days (Part 2)

Episode 54 is here! We finish our review of the 2nd studio album from The Doors, Strange Days from 1967! Pshhhkkkkkkrrrr​kakingkakingkakingtsh​chchchchchchchcch​*ding*ding*ding*

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Episode 109 – Blood Sugar Sex Magik Part 3

Dan Spiess (Tom Petty Weekend 2023)

This week’s episode sees Dan Spiess return to the podcast to fill us in on what we can expect at this year’s Tom Petty Weekend in Gainesville. There are...

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