Why Did You Go – Two Versions

A dive into the song Why Did You Go? by Uriah Heep


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Episode: 8-8

Song: Why Did You Go?

Air date: 3-30-2021



Lead Vocals: David Byron

Guitar: Mick Box

Bass: John Wetton

Drums: Lee Kerslake

Keys: Ken Hensley

Pedal Steel: B. J. Cole



I woke up today

With my head in daze

‘Cause my love had gone

With nothing to do

Just to dream about you

And how we went wrong


But oh, why did you go

I loved you so

Didn’t you know


I walk into town

With my head hangin’ down

Tryin’ to hide my pain

The people I meet

As I float down the street

Tell me try, try again


But oh, why did you go

I loved you so

Didn’t you know


When I remember how good it was

It makes me cry

‘Cause my life’s been

Turned upside down

All I want is someone

But how do you say

Please will you stay

Please will you stay


I’ll settle down to a life

Of a clown to remain alive

I’ll work till I bleed

And if I can succeed

Maybe I’ll survive


But oh, why did you go

I loved you so

Didn’t you know


Oh, why did you go

I loved you so



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