Trail of Diamonds

A dive into the song Trail Of Diamonds by Uriah Heep


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Episode: 22-6

Song: Trail Of Diamonds

Air date: 1-24-2022



Lead Vocals: Bernie Shaw

Guitars, Vocals: Mick Box

Bass Guitar, Vocals: Trevor Boulder

Drums, Vocals: Russell Gilbrook

Keyboard, Vocals: Phil Lanzon



I had a dream at daybreak

The whole of time stood still

And in my crystal vision

I saw a shadow on a hill


And then she started walking

In to the bright blue sky

I tried to follow closely

And I knew the reason why


Then the dream it turned so slowly

Like a dream within a dream

She appeared to me so ghostly

And she kissed me with a smile


And then I saw her falling

In to the strangest town

Our distance never changing

As the walls are crashing down


Then the dream it moved so slowly

Like a dream within a dream

Then she turned to me so ghostly

And she kissed mw with a smile


Like a secret that the heart makes

Must be careful what I wish for

Could this dream last forever

Until the end of time


With a vision of perfection

In this world of ecstasy

Need the strength so I can hold on

Don’t want to die before I wake up


I had a dream at daybreak

You came and touched my soul

The deepest sense of wonder

Is knowing how to lose control


We left the ground together

So easy for us to fly

Leaving a trail of diamonds

That were seen for miles and miles


So the dream that moved so slowly

Was a dream within a dream

Then she turned to me so holy

And she kissed me with a smile



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