The Apartment Song

The lyrics in this one are again, really direct and simple. Tom reminisces about his two room apartment and that he’s glad he doesn’t live there any more, but there’s a fondness in the tone. In the second verse, we hear that there’s a similar nostalgia for a former relationship that he sometimes remembers wistfully. The chorus underscores all this by giving his current state. “Oh yeah, I’m alright, I just feel a little lonely tonight. I’m okay most of the time, I just feel a little lonely tonight.” So, I’m OK but I could be doing better. There’s a romantic pragmatism on display here that elevates the song from being another rumination on lost love over 8 bars or a wallowing self-pity. It’s a glass that is definitely half full rather than half empty.

You can listen to the song here:

You’ll find the demo version included on the Playback boxset (and the American Treasure release!) here:

For the bootlef live version from January 21, 1997, click here:

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