Straight Into Darkness

“Tom tells Paul Zollo that “Sometimes it takes a lot of work. Sometimes the songs won’t reveal themselves to you until you find the right sound and the right recording of it. And this one was like that. You couldn’t really get everybody grooving the same way until we went over to the piano, and then everybody instinctually found what to play. But that’s part of working with a group.”

Today’s episode is dedicated to the sublimely brilliant Straight Into Darkness; track two from side two of Long After Dark.

You can listen to the song here:

Check out the Live Anthology version here:

I mentioned a distinct similarity to King of Pain by The Police, which you can listen to here:

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A last very special thanks to Paul Zollo. Without his book, Conversations with Tom Petty, this podcast wouldn’t be nearly as much fun to research.

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