Stained Class w/ Alicia Cordisco [PRIDE]

Guest: Alicia Cordisco (⁠⁠Twitter⁠⁠) (Arizona, USA)

Our heart was clean now we're stained class at Judas Priestcast! Two longtime Judas Priest fanatics (and new friends) George (he) and Hattie (she/any) come together from opposite sides of the world, united in their love of the iconic heavy metal band.

This time around, we wrap up the Pride series with Alicia Cordisco (she), a prolific guitarist/vocalist/songwriter in the underground metal scene, of recently the bands Project: Roenwolfe, Transgressive, and Wraithstorm. Alicia tells us all about how she set out to make music for the benefit of queer and marginalized people, what the metal community succeeds at and where it could improve, and her choice to be extremely visible as a trans musician. Later, your hosts break down “Stained Class”, a raging speedfest from the 1978 album of the same name. As expected, George, Hattie, and Alicia find plenty of socio-political commentary in these lyrics, and we take some time to check out a live version played by Halford in 2001. Time has slashed each untouched thing, so hit that play button and be a stained class king with Judas Priestcast!

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