Something in the Air

A major change in this cover version is the format of the lyrics. Something in the Air is a fairly ominous call to arms. The original was released in May of 1969 when the Vietnam War was still raging at its most furious. Speedy Keen said that told ZigZag magazine in 1975 of the song “It was a reflection of what I was seeing at the time”. But rather than using the overtly observational third verse and the line “Hand out the arms and ammo. We’re gonna blast our way through here”, Tom repeats the first. He also switches up the first line of the second verse from the sinister “Lock up the streets and houses Because there’s something in the air” to the much more optimistic and carefree “Run through the fields and houses because there’s something in the air”. If ever you have to try to define the word zeitgeist, using “something in the air” as a synonym is pretty much the best you can do in my opinion and this is why Tom is able to co-opt an observation on the vietnam war into a song that carries a much more hopeful tenor.

Today’s episode covers the second single from the Greatest Hits release, “Something in the Air”.

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