Hello friends! Today’s episode covers the second-last track from You’re Gonna Get It!; Restless.

If you want to listen to the song before you listen to the episode, you can find it here:

Don’t forget that I will be chatting to Jake Thistle, live, on Facebook today (Jan 19, 2022) at 7PM EST (5PM if your on the US West Coast, or midnight in UK). We’re going to talk about all things Tom Petty including the opportunity Jake had to play with a couple of the Heartbreakers, plus his connection to Tom’s music and how it’s influenced his own songwriting, which you also have to check out. Head over to this link to set yourself a reminder right now!

I also gave a shout out to my very good friend Mr. Randy Woods, who kindly plays all the interstitial music for the podcast and wrote and recorded the outro tune for me too! Check out the track “Grow Your Love” from his latest album here and if you like it, go subscribe to his YouTube channel and start following him on social media. You can find his channel here:

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