Red Lights

A dive into the song Red Lights by Uriah Heep


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Episode: 15-7

Song: Red Lights

Air date: 8-23-2021



Lead Vocals: Peter Goalby

Guitar, Vocals: Mick Box

Bass, Vocals: Bob Daisley

Drums: Lee Kerslake

Keyboards, Vocals: John Sinclair



Red lights – on the highway

Headlights – blinding my eye

Red lights – keep me waiting

White lights – drive me insane

Red lights – in the city

Streetlights – hide in the night

Searchlights – I’m looking for someone

Red lights – young blood’s alright


Try as I can but

I can’t keep away

No no no no way


Red lights – she knows what I’m here for

Headlights – look me in the eye

Red lights – are you looking for danger

White lights – drives me insane


Try as I can but

I can’t keep away

No no no, not for one day


Red lights – no questions

Streetlights – youth’s desire

Red lights – burning desire

White lights – put you to bed

Red lights- in the city

Streetlights – shadow the night

Sunshine – if you need some one

Headlights – that young blood’s alright


Try as I can but

I can’t keep away

Not today

She brings me to my knees


Try as I can but

I can’t keep away

I want you babe


Red lights – Oh, I want you

Red lights – I need it

Red lights – you get too heavy

Red lights



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