Peace in L.A.

In March and April of 1992, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were wrapping up the European final leg of their Into The Great Wide Open tour. This leg saw them play dates in Germany, the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Norway, and on April 3rd, they closed out the tour in Malmo, Sweden, playing an extended set of 28 songs to 6000 Swedish fans, closing out with Learning to Fly, Making Some Noise, and then serene lullaby, Alright For Now. Tom couldn’t have anticipated that on his return to Los Angeles, everything was very soon going to be very far from alright.

Today’s episode covers the non-album single released in April 1992 “Peace in L.A.”.

You can listen to the song here:

To hear the “Peace Mix” of the track, you can check out this video:

I referenced the National Geographic documentary, LA 92, in the episode and you can find that here:

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