One Way Or Another Part B w/ J Hammond C

A dive into the song One Way Or Another by Uriah Heep Part B w/ J Hammond C


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Episode: 9-1

Song: One Way Or Another

Air date: 4-6-2021



Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, 12 String Acoustic Guitar: Mick Box

Lead Vocal Bass Guitar, Mellotron: John Wetton

Drums, Vocals: Lee Kerslake

Lead Vocal, Organ, Piano, Moog Synthesizer, Tubular Bells, Electric Piano, Slide Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric 12 String Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar: Ken Hensley



There’s been some

Changes in my time

But this one’s playing

Games with my mind

Stopped in my tracks

No thought of looking back

The lady’s got me tied up

But I’ve already made my mind up

One way or another

She’ll be mine


It wasn’t anything I could define

None of those ringing bells

Giving me a sign

I just took a look

But I was on the hook

The lady’s got me tied up

Don’t know how it’s gonna wind up

One way or another

Gonna be all right


I’m beginning to think

That a forever kind of love

Is the kind of love

I’ll look for forever

But still I’ll love and love again

One way or another

I will find my friend


I knew some day my heart

Would lead my head

Beyond the path

My chosen life had led

I’d been so sure

But where is the cure

The lady’s got me real good

Bet you can’t say

What I should do

One way or another

It’s all over now


One way or another …



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