Never the Heroes

Like a cobra we will strike here at Judas Priestcast! Two longtime Judas Priest fanatics (and new friends) George and Hattie come together from opposite sides of the world, united in their love of the iconic heavy metal band.

This time around, your hosts kick off Firepower February with our first ever guest host, Adz from Eastern Australia (@bigfknadz). George, Hattie, and Adz share their input on where Judas Priest was as a whole during 2018, look for meaning in “Never the Heroes”, and relate some personal stories. The conversation makes a few detours to learn a bit about the Eastern Australian metal scene and the top metal albums of 2022. Join us for drinks and laughs in this episode, and find out whether we deem this a modern classic!

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Judas Priestcast is created and produced by: George Silano, Hattie McHatterson

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