Jon Scott (Part Two)

Today’s episode is part two of the fantastic conversation I had with Jon Scott. This episode is much more conversational as we talk about Jon’s relationship with Tom, Tom’s relationship with his fans, and a wide range of topics that were fun to dig into, including Tom’s generosity with both his friends and his fans, his quiet advocacy for certain causes, and his passion for making great music.

Please note that there is some occasional miled profanity in this episode.

Make sure you check out Jon’s website. If you’re downloading this today, he has a two for one offer to purchase his fantastic book right now. I cannot recommend it highly enough and if you’re a Pettyhead who hasn’t read it, you’re really missing out. Go to Jon’s website at

In the episode, Jon talks about Steely Dan’s super-Jazzy “Deacon Blues”, which you can check out here: as well as the classic Tommy and the Two Tones hit 8675390, which convinced Tom to bring the band out on the road with him. Check out a great live version of that song here:

Next week, we’ll be wrapping up the debut album by talking about American Girl!

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