Hammer to Fall

“Good evening, this is Radio 4, with the news at six o’clock this Thursday evening. The Prime Minister, speaking a few minutes ago in the House of Commons, has warned that the international situation is deteriorating rapidly, and that war could break out at any time in the next two or three days.”

Who in their right mind thought that showing “When the Wind Blows” to kids was a sane and reasonable thing to do? Between that and Jeff Lynne’s War of the Worlds, I spent a good year or so of my life absolutely shitting myself. The dust settled, a new Queen album came out and then Brian brought all those feelings of dread back again, albeit to a rocking good riff and a brilliant vocal from our Fred!

If Randy were to title this episode, he’d probably call it “Hey! That cloud looks like a mushroom” or possibly, “No nukes in my nieghbourhood”

Today’s song covers the fourth and last single from 1984’s “The Works”, the darkly menacing “Hammer to Fall”

NOTE: Skip forward to 30:57 if wanna get straight into the manifestations and wheel spin. We won’t hold it against you!

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