Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

Randy and Kev are back for another episode. We talk about clip clops, triangles, and what in the hell a saloon actually is that you can drive in style in it! We also read out listener tweets and recap the “farrago of mediocrity” that was Heaven For Everyone (thanks to Brian Crozier for that superb phrase!) Today’s track is the gigantically brilliant Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy, from A Day At The Races. Tight arrangement, beautiful vocals, TWO bridges (count em!) and some beautiful frilly lyrics. It’s just a hell of a good time.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to the last episode and left us some comments on Twitter! We’ll always try to answer any questions you have and seriously appreciate any corrections you make to anything we get wrong. (There’s a pretty big one in this episode that I only realized after we were done recording!)

Huge thanks to Corey Morrissette and Mark Camire for letting us copy and paste the format from their gold-standard podcast, And the Podcast Will Rock. You can find them at @PodcastWillRock on Twitter.

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