Gimme The Prize (Kurgan’s Theme)

Kev was just tryin’ to pod. That’s all. He wasn’t asking for much. We get into the weeds about a brown Christmas, Randy is still salty about not being able to get a burger in Kindersley at 11pm, and the boys discover that they have a potential double act that they may or may not choose to exploit at some future point. Also, Kevin makes a very strange noise and there’s an awful lot of childish tittering in this hour and twenty-ish minutes of nonsense! Plus, LACROSSE TALK!

If Randy were to title this episode, he’d probably call it “Can we wrap up this Highlander stuff already?” or possibly “Kurgen. Kurgen? Who the fuck is Kurgan?!”

Today’s episode covers Brian’s synthy track from side two of “Hot Space”, the soaring “Las Palabras De Amor (The Words of Love)”

NOTE: If you want to skip ahead to Randy and Kev’s manifestations and the wheel spin, that happens at 40:55! Yeh, we went on a bit!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to the last episode and left us some comments on Twitter, Facebook, and BlueSky! We’ll always try to answer any questions you have and seriously appreciate any corrections you make to anything we get wrong. And thanks so much for all your support as usual. We’re loving diving into the Queen fandom a little more deeply as much as we’re enjoying recording the podcasts!

Huge thanks to Corey Morrissette and Mark Camire for letting us copy and paste the format from their gold-standard podcast; And the Podcast Will Rock. You can find them at @PodcastWillRock on Twitter.Also, make sure you go check out our beautiful brothers and sisters over on the Deep Dive Podcast Network!

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