Fooled Again (I Don’t Like it)

Today’s song is the brilliant Fooled Again (I Don’t Like It). Head over to the official Tom Petty youtube channel and go listen to the song:

You should also check this super heavy live version of the song from 1977 which sees some intro shredding from Mike.

In the episode I discuss some sonic similatiries I hear with an English band from around the same period called Sad Cafe. Here’s probably my favourite track they released:

I also mentioned that you check out the music of my very good friend Randy Woods. Two of my favourite tracks from the new Randy Woods Band new album, Soul Hammer, are Space Queen ( and Bottom End Machine ( They don’t sound a damn thing like Tom Petty, but they’re a great band. I also mentioned that you should check out Jake Thistle. Watch him do a great cover of Learning to Fly, in some pretty esteemed company!

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