Episode 7. Frustration

Chaz and Wolfie find themselves on the homestretch in their aural adventures with the 2011 album Lulu by Lou Reed and Metallica, with this, the seventh track from the album, an 8 minute plus banger called Frustration. The clouds part, the heavens open, and you get a vision of what could have been a truly fulfilled vision for what Lou Reed categorized as a no-brainer collaboration between him and the biggest metal band in the world, Metallica. This song is the knowledge he had that there was something very powerful there. This one feels more finished and worthy of a fan’s time. But is it enough to get Chaz and Wolfie thinking Bowie was right, that this is Lou’s masterpiece, or was he wanking someones chain? Join us as we slather some Nando’s Peri-Peri sauce our headphones, grab a plate of boneless wings, and swim into a rather spermless character study from the Lulu plays, on this, a not so very Hallmark edition of Regarding Lulu.

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