Episode #7 – Concerto For Group and Orchestra

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Episode #7

“Concerto For Group and Orchestra”

June 10, 2019

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MKI to MKII Transition:

History of the Concerto:

Malcolm Arnold:

The Lead Up to The Concerto:

Album Details and Analysis:

First Movement: Moderato – Allegro (19:23)

Second Movement: Andante (19:11)

Third Movement: Vivace-Presto (13:09)

Reception and Review

In The News . . .

Dio Hologram tour about to happen:


Dio documentary announced:

Wendy Dio Shares New Update on Ronnie James Dio Documentary

Ian Gillan talks about new bands/music:

Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan: “Young artists should upset the previous generation and clear the decks”

This Week in Purple History . . .

June 10 through June 16

June 10, 1982 – Rainbow releases straight between the eyes

June 11, 1953 – Mark Nauseef is born

June 12, 2006 – Live in Montreux 69 is released

June 12, 1967 – “Hallelujah” is secretly recorded

June 13, 2006 – M3 (formerly Company of Snakes) release “Rough and Ready”

June 13, 2006 – Rainbow releases “Live in Munich”

June 13, 2008 – Judas Priest releases Nostradamus with Don Airey on keyboards

June 14, 2011 – Black Country Communion releases second album “2”

June 15, 1951 – Craig Gruber is born

June 15, 1973 – Tony Edwards notifies Roger Glover that Blackmore wants him out

Deep Purple Deep Track:

Fancy – Touch Me

From the album “Wild Thing” released in 1974


Ray Fenwick (guitar) – Ian Gillan Band, Spencer Davis Group, Jon Lord’s Windows

Mo Foster (bass) – Wizard’s Convention, Butterfly Ball (Finger pops)

Helen Caunt – former Penthouse model for studio work

Annie Kavanaugh – replaced Helen when they toured live, former chorus member of “Jesus Christ Superstar”

Les Binks (drums) – Wizard’s Convention, Judas Priest,

More info: http://rayfenwick.com/fancy.htm


Episode #7 Deep Purple Deep Track (and more!!) revealed here [SPOILERS!!]?

For Further Information:

Deep Purple: A Matter of Fact by Jerry Bloom

Smoke on the Water: The Deep Purple Story

The Road of Golden Dust: The Deep Purple Story 1968-1976 by Jerry Bloom

Child in Time by Ian Gillan

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