Episode 6. Cheat On Me

Wolfie & Chaz listen to all 11:26 of Cheat On Me, the 6th track off Lulu, the 2011 album by Lou Reed and Metallica. This marks “hump-episode” plus one, in that we've cleared the halfway mark in listening to the album track-by-bloody-track. This cut left our hosts in awe of their own ability to not run screaming from this assignment. If ever there was an episode to skip, this is it. What a stinker! Wow – we wouldn't wish this session on our worst enemies. Just kidding – or are they? A song with a lot of interesting twists and turns and off-key, nut-curling, “wtf were they thinking” back-up vocals. The song almost gets someplace…a couple of times. But our co-hosts are left just wanting more…chicken. Lots of chicken talk and a healthy dose of digression make for an average length episode with a big payload at the end of that order of Rocky Mountain Oysters. Join us for a sloppy plate of bison balls on a very fried-out episode of Regarding Lulu.

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