Episode 5. Iced Honey

Wolfie & Chaz dive into track 5 from the 2011 album Lulu by Lou Reed and Metallica, and man oh manischewitz, is it a masterbanger of epic proportions – at least as far as Lou's catalog goes. Join us as we take in the last two weeks of Metallica 72 Seasons news, the band's newfound transparency regarding their love, admiration, forgiveness and support of one another, and a track that took us by surprise. And did we figure out who Lou is on this track?? We're left wanting more, like a honey pot in search of a…of a what?? Where?? Join us for a confusing and finger licking track from Lulu on a very special, hallmark, crown royal and flu-tastic episode of Regarding Lulu. Don't forget the Peri Peri sauce.

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