Episode #34 – David Coverdale – White Snake

The Deep Purple Podcast

Show Notes

Episode #34

“David Coverdale – White Snake”

December 16, 2019

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Slowed Down Chipmunks inspired Hazemaze?

Jorg Planer sends us King Kurlee Feat. Blackmore Jr. ?– Smoke On The Water (More Black Mix) (1991)

Lead Up To Album & Writing:

Album Art & Booklet Review


David Coverdale – lead vocal, piano, percussion

Micky Moody [wiki, discogs] – guitar, percussion, backing vocals

Tim Hinkley [wiki, discogs] – organ, percussion, vocals

Ron Aspery [wiki, discogs] – saxophone, flute

DeLisle Harper [wiki, discogs] – bass, percussion, vocal

Roger Glover – bass, melodica, synth, percussion, vocals

Simon Philips [wiki, discogs] – drums, percussion

Liza Strike – backing vocals

Helen Chappelle – backing vocals

Barry St. John – backing vocals

All three backup singers covered in Episode #29.

Additional Personnel Credits:


Album Tracks:

Lady (Coverdale, Moody)

Blindman (Coverdale)

Goldies Place (Coverdale)

Whitesnake (Coverdale, Moody)

Time on My Side (Coverdale, Moody)

Peace Lovin’ Man (Coverdale)

Sunny Days (Coverdale)

Hole in the Sky (Coverdale)

Celebration (Coverdale, Moody)

Reception and Review

In The News . . .

This Week in Purple History . . .

December 16 through December 22

December 19, 1947 – Jimmy Bain is born

December 21, 1971 – Deep Purple concludes recording of Machine Head

December 17, 1989 – David Coverdale marries Tawny Kitaen – they divorce in 1991

For Further Information:

Sail Away: Whitesnake’s Fantastic Voyage by Martin Popoff

Purple Records 1971-1978 by Neil Priddey

Help from the archives of Jörg Planer

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