Episode #28 – Roger Glover and Guests – The Butterfly Ball (Part 1: The Musicians)

The Deep Purple Podcast

Show Notes

Episode #28

“The Butterfly Ball (Part 1 – The Musicians)”

November 4, 2019

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Show Updates:

Comments from social media.

Listener Steve emails with some recollections after attending both shows of the Concerto ‘99

performance at the Royal Albert Hall.

Mark 1 listener poll – songs moving to the next round:

Nate guests on Paul or Nothing podcast

Notes From The Field:

Nate reviews Deep Purple show on October 18, 2019 at the Rosemont Theater in Rosemont, IL.

Unfortunate issue with meet and greet

Origins of The Butterfly Ball:

Original Poem was by William Roscoe written in 1802.

Alan Aldridge:

Roger Glover:


Les Binks

Michael Giles

Ray Fenwick

Eddie Hardin

Eddie Jobson

Chris Karan

Mike Moran

Ann Odell

Robin Thompson

Nigel Watson

The Mountain Fjord Orchestra

Jon Bell

Del Newman

In The News . . .

Review: Goodbye? Say it ain’t so, Deep Purple

Review of Mohegan Sun show on October 9, 2019 that John attended.

Deep Purple trek celebrates band’s legacy with an eye to the future

Interview with Roger Glover

This Week in Purple History . . .

November 4 through November 10

November 10, 1940 – Screaming Lord Sutch is born

November 10, 1971 – Ray Fenwick releases “Keep America Beautiful, Get a Haircut

November 8, 1975 – Tommy Bolin’s first show with Deep Purple in Honolulu

For Further Information:

Deep Purple: A Matter of Fact by Jerry Bloom

Smoke on the Water: The Deep Purple Story

The Road of Golden Dust: The Deep Purple Story 1968-1976 by Jerry Bloom

Child in Time by Ian Gillan

Deep Purple: Complete Uk Vinyl Discography 1968-1982 By Neil Priddey






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