Episode #2 – Before They Were Purple (Part 1)

Deep Purple Before They Were Deep Purple

Before they were in Deep Purple, what were some of their early members up to?

The Outlaws

Band Facts:


Ritchie Blackmore on Guitar

Mick Underwood who would later play with Episode Six and Gillan


Law & Order – You have to check out Ritchie’s dance in this one!

Shake With Me

MI 5

Band Facts:


Rod Evans on vocals & Ian Paice on drums


Toured Germany and did Italian only and French only singles Ian Paice would meet Ritchie Blackmore on the boat to Germany


You’ll Never Stop Me Lovin’ You

Only Time Will Tell

Sun Dragon

Band Facts:


Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Paice, & Jon Lord

Backing for Rob Freeman and Ian McLintock

They were managed by Brian Epstein

They did one album before they broke up


Five White Horses

Green Tambourine

The Maze

Band Facts:


Rod Evans & Ian Paice

Essentially same band as MI5, changed name

Robert Stigwood production



The Trap

The Flowerpot Men

Band Facts:


Nick Simper on bass & Jon Lord on organ


You Can Never Be Wrong

A Walk in the Sky

The Artwoods – I Feel Good

Band Facts:


Jon Lord on organ


I Feel Good

Down in the Valley

In The News:

Rainbow Releases New Version of “Black Sheep of the Family.”

Article quotes: https://www.loudersound.com/news/ritchie-blackmores-rainbow-launch-new-version-of-classic-black-sheep-of-the-family

“Joining Blackmore and [Jonnie] Romero in the current lineup of Rainbow are Stratovarius keyboard player Jens Johansson, Blackmore’s Night drummer David Keith and bassist Bob Nouveau, and singers Lady Lynn and Candice Night.”

Compare to original by Quatermass (1970)

Bass: Johnny Gustafson

Drums: Mike Underwood

Keyboards: J. Peter Robinson

Compare to original cover by Rainbow (1975)

DEEP PURPLE To Start Work On New Album In 2019

Coverdale and Gillan in Sweden Rock

Three Degrees of Deep Purple:

I’ll play a snippet of a song that features musicians who are linked to Deep Purple in three or less steps. You’ll need to narrow it down to:

The year

The members or band

The album

Googling is allowed

Will reveal the mystery song and what the connection to Deep Purple

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