Episode #14 – Who Do We Think We Are (The End, Part 1)

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Episode #14

“Who Do We Think We Are – The End, Part 1”

July 29, 2019

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Lead Up To Album & Writing:

Album Art & Booklet Review

Album Details and Analysis:

Woman From Tokyo

Mary Long

Super Trouper

Smooth Dancer

Rat Bat Blue

Place in Line

Our Lady

Reception and Review

In The News . . .

Rick Wakeman remembers keyboard compatriot Jon Lord

David Coverdale ‘Felt Presence’ of Jon Lord in Whitesnake Remix: Exclusive Interview

This Week in Purple History . . .

July 29 through August 4

August 1, 1951 – Tommy Bolin is Born

August 2, 1951 – Joe Lynn Turner is born

August 3, 1975 – Deep Purple begin recording Come Taste The Band

August 1, 1977 – Captain Beyond release their third and final album “Dawn Explosion” without Rod Evans. They tried to contact him but couldn’t find him. Willy Daffern replaced him. Was in a band called “Hunger.”

For Further Information:

Deep Purple: A Matter of Fact by Jerry Bloom

Smoke on the Water: The Deep Purple Story

The Road of Golden Dust: The Deep Purple Story 1968-1976 by Jerry Bloom

Child in Time by Ian Gillan

Deep Purple: Complete Uk Vinyl Discography 1968-1982 By Neil Priddey

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