Episode 11. Retrospective

Chaz and Wolfie come back to the mic clean and showered and a few weeks removed from the last brush with the 2011 album Lulu by Lou Reed and Metallica, after having spent 4 months listening to all ten tracks. Join the boys and a panel of very special guests, who themselves have completed the listening journey – yes folks – living proof of the two listeners we spoke of so fondly…including fifth-Beatle of the Regarding…Series, Sullyman himself, zooming in from blue-meth capital of the US, New Mexico, along with Jonatan Hedlin of Deep Dive Podcast Network Fame – cohost of MAIDEN A-Z, the podcast that is an alphabetical journey through the Iron Maiden catalog; and SO FAR, SO POD…SO WHAT the all-things Megadeth Podcast, who’s dialing in from 3 miles outside Stockholm, Sweeden – not too far from the Brandenburg Gate, where we all wax nostalgic as — SMALL TOWN GIRLS!!! — and start where we started so many months ago, by “dropping the needle” for our non-stop listen through all 1 hour and 27 minutes of the album Lulu, for what we’re pretty sure is a special, one-of a kind, Disney Blue Ray event that will never be repeated again in our lifetimes – an International Lulu Listening Party. Join us for what we said we’d never do – put Lulu on and party!! And while it’s probably best spoken of in hushed whispers at late night cocktail after-parties in well lou-bricated and mixed company, we all share on where we were when this journey started, where we ended up, some profound personal insights learned along the way, comparing scars, impressions, the experience and the outcome. What’s a masterpiece, how is art consumed versus experienced, and…was that any fucking good or not? Judge for yourself – join us as we go through the highlights and lowlights and get to a new level of insights about ourselves and our ability to appreciate challenging art. The CODA of the Regarding…Series Season 1. We also announce season 2 of the Regarding…Series. Tune in to get the go forward scoop first, and go boneless with your favorite wing men, on a very final episode of RegardingLulu.

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