Ep 8: Hawklords, 25 Years On

Hawkbinge: Reality you can rely on.
Yes, Hawkbinge is back! Or is it Bingelords? If so, why? And what will it be next time?

All these things and more in this episode as Matt & Andy explore this album released during a most confusing period of Hawkwind history.  On top of the music and art, a global super organisation bent on a new world order is revealed to the world as we dig in to the fabulous story of Pan Transcendental Industries.

As ever, we take a look at the music of 1978, that striking cover art and see if we can rationalise exactly why this whole thing came about. As a rule, Hawkbinge is 'music' rather than 'band history' but in this case it's a story that cannot be ignored. Also, the Hawkbinge Sessions and Hawkbinge Master playlists on Spotify are augmented by the music Andy & Matt have been listening to, and Matt's picks from “25 Years On”. Or “Hawklords”. Or whatever else they might be calling it these days.

Click here for the Hawkbinge Sessions Vol.1 playlist on Spotify

Click here for the Hawkbinge Sessions Vol.2 playlist on Spotify

Click here for the Hawkbinge Master playlist, also on Spotify.
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