Ep 6: Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music

Hawkbinge weighs in with a mammoth 115 minute podcast about this transitional and rather divisive album in the Hawkwind discography – there's just so much to get into about this music and the rather sliding-doors time period in band history. Several references to Banks' & Abraham's excellent coverage of this fascinating chapter. Where do we end up? Surprises await.

We also have a bit of an addendum to the Warrior on the Edge of Time episode thanks to corrections sent in from listeners learned in the deepest Hawkwind lore.

In regular features, we look at the surprisingly un-transitional album releases of 1976, check the personnel in this particularly fluid edition of the Hawkwind line-up and stare long and hard at the album artwork. We also have a rather rambling set of turntable picks (Andy's fault) to complete the Hawkbinge Sessions Playlist Vol. 2 on Spotify.
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We hope to return to a more sane podcast duration next time…

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