Ep 6.5: Somnia, A Nexus Event Special

Hawkbinge was last seen back in 1976, moving steadily towards 1977 and the forthcoming “Quark, Strangeness & Charm” episode (in edit mode as this is written). Then, boom! A new Hawkwind album drops. We are scheduled to arrive at “Somnia” for a full deep-dive episode in mid-2024, but clearly this new Hawkwind music needs to be addressed…

So, we fired up the DeLorean and traveled 44 years into the future, making a stop along the way to pick up our first ever Hawkbinge guest, gave the album a listen or two on release day and quickly recorded a super-hot-take on this shiny new record. No line-up, no turntable picks, no weeks of prep, no look back at the releases of the year – it's straight up “Somnia” all the way.

Join not one, not two, but three new listeners as we react to “Somnia”, the new Hawkwind album.

This is “Somnia, A Hawkbinge Nexus Event Special” in the company of the one & only Mr Joe Banks, author of “Days of the Underground“, the tale of Hawkwind and their influence on British culture in the 1970's.

The sacred timeline will be restored shortly.

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