Ep 3.5: Space Ritual

Hawkbinge returns with the Space Ritual bonus episode!  Matt & Andy talk about the place that live albums play in their respective musical backgrounds before taking a dive deep into this landmark album from Hawkwind, compare live & studio versions of tracks such as “Seven by Seven” and “Time We Left This World Today” and get stuck into new ones such as “Born To Go” and the legendary “Sonic Attack”.  There's also a look at the Barney Bubbles masterpiece that is the Space Ritual cover.  All this, plus the joy of Brian Blessed, a nod to those who have been in touch, and the final result of the “Save The Black Heart” Crowdfunder campaign…

No new tracks for the Hawkbinge playlists this time, given that this is a bonus podcast not featuring a studio album, but the two playlists can be found here:

Click here for the Hawkbinge Sessions Vol.1 playlist on Spotify

Click here for the Hawkbinge Master playlist, also on Spotify.

This is the last of the planned bonus episodes, Hawkbinge will return with Hall of the Mountain Grill and it will be studio albums all the way to the present day from here on in.

As ever, many thanks for all the tweets, messages, ratings and comments – all very much appreciated!  Some of these are called out in the episode.  If you'd like to get in touch, you'll find Hawkbinge here: @hawkbinge on Twitter and Insta, and email podcast@hawkbinge.space
Links to the videos and songs referred to in this episode will be posted through those channels.

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