Ep 13: Church of Hawkwind

The Church of Hawkbinge opens it's doors once again, and everyone is welcome!

Yes, the oddity that is Church of Hawkwind in the focus this time. Regardless of whether one considers it “Hawkwind canon” or not, (Wikipedia says it is, and that's good enough for Hawkbinge), it's a key moment in Hawk history and a really fascinating album to deep dive into.

In this episode Andy & Matt start by recapping the global sensation that was the Hawkbinge Sonic Attack Ultimate Death Match Tournament in the company of a very special guest, and then look at the big releases of 1982 and the state of play following the release of Sonic Attack that leads to this album being made, as well as checking out not just the album artwork but also the booklet that accompanied it. And, as ever, Matt gives his considered take on this rather interesting  experiment from Dave and the band.

Oh, and the 40 year old mystery of “Tim” is finally solved…

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