A dive into the song Dreammare by Uriah Heep


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Episode: 1-7

Song: Dreammare

Air date: 11-17-2020



Lead Vocals: David Byron

Guitar: Mick Box

Bass: Paul Newton

Drums: Nigel Olson

Keys: Ken Hensley



Grinning demons, smiling sideways
Laughing in my face
Here within my troubled sleep
There’s such a lonely place
Running fast but never moving
I can’t get away
Strange but realistic objects
Making me their prey


Then it’s gone as fast as it came
Evil dream
Changing like the sun turn to rain
It would seem


Dining with the gods of beauty
On a distant shore
Tasting fruits of untold sweetness
Never seen before
Dancing stars with crystal voices
Beckon with their eyes
Unicorn of many colors
Rides to paradise


Then it’s gone as fast as it came
Peaceful scene
Changing like the sun turns to rain
It would seem


Sleepless nights that last a lifetime
Crucify my head
Dreams of peace and then disaster
Wish that I were dead
Looking for the end of darkness
Seeking out the day
For escape with speed unthought of
Bearing me away


Then it’s gone as fast as it came
Peaceful scene
Changing like the sun turns to rain
It would seem



Thanks to:

My Graphic Artist Scott Ladzinski

Audionamix – I will not do a podcast without Instant Dialog Cleaner!


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