Dog on the Run

I hope you enjoyed last week’s chat with the marvellous Dallas Heliker! I’m looking forward to having more guests on the show but I know I’ll be chatting to Dallas again at some point.

If you want to listen to Dog on the Run before this episode, you can find it here:

Today’s episode covers the live rarity, taken from 1977’s Official Live ‘Leg, recorded at the legendary Paul’s Mall in Boston, Dog on the Run. An epic 10-minute experimental jam, this one features some extraordinary performances from every member of the band. Thanks to Paul Roberts for pushing me to cover this one in sequence, rather than once I’ve been through the rest of the catalogue, when I will be circling back to B-sides, previously-unreleased material etc.

This wraps up season one and next week we’ll be diving straight into the sophomore album, You’re Gonna Get It and digging into the lead song, When The Time Comes.

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