Bonus: Scottish & Local Metal Chat with Tyrannus (Callum)

A bonus conversation that your hosts had with Callum John Cant of the band Tyrannus. We talk about local metal bands in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Brooklyn, USA, and Glasgow, Scotland. Expand your horizons and learn a little about the Scottish metal scene!

Featured sources and music:

Heavy Communion: “The Best Heavy Metal Album From Every Country In 2022”

Tyrannus (Scotland) “The Flood”

Chronicles (Bangladesh) “Primordial Atrocities”

Black Anvil (Brooklyn) “Dead and Left”

Ashenspire (Scotland) “The Law of Asbestos”

Hellripper (Scotland) “Poison Womb”

Man Must Die (Scotland) “In the Hour Before Your Death”

Tell us which of these songs you enjoyed! Find us here:



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