Bonus Episode #1 – Interview with Martyn Ford

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Bonus Episode #1

“Interview with Martyn Ford”

December 12, 2019

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In this special bonus epiosde Nate interviews Martyn Ford. Martyn is a conductor, arranger, and

musician who has worked with The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, The Grateful Dead, Toto, Nazareth,

Phil Collins, Bad Company, Elf, Elton John, and many more.

In this discussion we talk about:

The Butterfly Ball

Martyn’s beginnings in the industry

Eddie Hardin

Playing at The Royal Albert Hall

His album Smoovin’

His professional relationship and friendship with John Gustafson

Jesus Christ Superstar

Working with Yvonne Elliman

Paul McCartney’s “Live and Let Die”

Vision 2020

Fifi Rong

Mo Foster

and a lot more!

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