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Don’t talk back! Don’t talk back! Don’t talk back! LEAVE US ALONE! Jesus Murphy, what do you people want from us? Another season of the highly acclaimed (in Kev’s mind) and award-winning (in Randy’s delusional fantasies) Queen podcast? We gotcha back Jack. And speaking of Backs, this episode covers the chatty kind. This one covers the John Deacon-penned third track from side one of Hot Space, the very electronic Back Chat. Kev and Randy actually got together in person to record this one. Will the friendship stand this close proximity? Will the podcast be back next week as a result? All these questions and more aren’t answered in the following forty minutes of utter nonsensical drivel.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to the last episode and left us some comments on Twitter! We’ll always try to answer any questions you have and seriously appreciate any corrections you make to anything we get wrong. And thanks so much for all your support as usual. We’re loving diving into the Queen fandom a little more deeply as much as we’re enjoying recording the podcasts!

Huge thanks to Corey Morrissette and Mark Camire for letting us copy and paste the format from their gold-standard podcast, And the Podcast Will Rock. You can find them at @PodcastWillRock on Twitter.

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