A Face in the Crowd

“I do like that song. I think it’s a really sweet song. A nice sentiment. Very simple. Extremely simple. It’s not complex in any way”

One thing I always find interesting in reading Paul Zollo’s book is the way that Tom often seems to be looking at his own songs from the outside. The book came out in 2005 and in preceding decade, Tom had only played the song six times, so you can see why some of these songs he would have to go back to to think about. But I also get the sense sometimes that like a lot of artists, Tom doesn’t know where the inspiration or the words or the melodies come from, so he can look back at a piece that he wrote that he hasn’t heard for a while and grow a new appreciation for it almost as a third party.

Listen to the song here: https://youtu.be/ZuzinBBrkiE

Check out this great live version on Letterman here: https://youtu.be/4O7amyo0ABU

And check out this really tight cover by the band Spoon! https://youtu.be/yT1zPfh984k

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